Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why mrfurious360?

Hey there,

If you've stuck with me until post #2 of this venture I applaud your tenacity and strong stomach. Did my first post suck? I think it did. Lots of run-on sentences, disjointed thoughts and general chaos. Here's the thing(did you catch it? I AM fucking brilliant, aren't I?) about me and writing stuff: I love to create. I love to write. I love to sit at a keyboard and write and write and write. But, and this is an enormous problem, I absolutely hate to edit what I wrote. If the spell checker catches it, I'll fix it, if the grammar is a mess you're just going to have to deal with it because I rarely spend much time rereading the things I wrote. Why? Because while I'm in that creative writing mode I really think I'm doing well but when I go back and have a look at it I think it's such a tragic mess that I have no interest in sharing it with anyone and want to just delete the whole mess. Because of that, I just write stuff, glance over it quickly to make sure what I thought I was writing is actually there and then post it or save it and never look back. Its the only way I can manage to get anything actually produced. Its a damn good thing I don't get paid for the stuff I do because the piss poor quality control would definitely leave me poor and unemployed. My girlfriend is really smart(and beautiful) and she likes to read the stuff I wrote. She is a brilliant editor but my self esteem is far too fragile for her to actually break out the red pen and tell me all the shit I did wrong. So she just reads it and smiles at all the right parts, looks thoughtful at all the right parts and gives me a little pat on the head while she thinks to herself "My poor, poor grammaticaly impaired boyfriend. If you only knew how much better this could be if you would let me help."

Holy off-topic derailment Batman! The title of this post is "Why mrfurious360?" and here we are, hundreds of words in with no mention of it. Am I building suspense? Being coy? Playing hard to get? None of the above, folks. I just do that.... a lot. Let's get this mess back on track.

Why Well, I created a blog with another name but I thought it was a little too easily identifiable as me and I didn't feel all that comfortable with it(read post #1 for my issues with that). So I reverted to my favorite online name Mr. Furious and tried to create a blog with that in the address. Of course, some other person had already claimed that awesome name for themselves and I had to add the 360 to make it my own. So who is Mr. Furious and what the Hell does the 360 mean? Both excellent questions and I'm sure I'll answer them in a less than excellent way.

Mr. Furious is my favorite character from the movie Mystery Men . Its a fantastic but quirky super hero movie from the '90's. Ben Stiller plays Mr. Furious and his super power is his unbridled rage. Here's the thing, though, he has no super powers and really is sort of a dork who just gets really mad and spits and yells a lot. He hides his insecurities and low self-esteem behind his rage. He's really sort of a tragic character and while he's funny, he's sad too. I used to be a lot like Mr. Furious and really identified with him. I'm still a dork but I just don't have the rage issues that I used to. Its amazing how life can beat the piss out of you for awhile and really break you down but then one day you get a chance to start over and see things with a new set of eyes and realize all the things you've been missing. Having your life torn out from under you is about as close to dying as you can probably get without actually floating towards the light. Realizing that you survived and you can do all those things you never did and experience things in a different way is like being born and starting again with a clean slate. The beautiful thing is that you've got the perspective and wonder of a child but all the experiences and knowledge of the years that have passed to keep you from making the same mistakes over again. Well, not all the mistakes, some of them are just too good to not make again. Two years ago I was sure I wouldn't(or didn't want to) survive but now I wouldn't change a thing. So, Mr. Furious is a cool character from a comic book/movie and while I still love him, I don't really identify with him like I used to. But, old habits die hard and I have about 1000 e-mail addresses with some sort of mrfurious in them so I figured there was no need to mess with a proven formula.

Now, about the 360.... When I was creating my XBOX Live profile I wanted to use Mr. Furious in there somehow and because all the cool Mr. Furious names were already taken I added 360 and it was actually available so I snatched it before some other rage-prone dork got it. Hopefully the XBOX 360 will be around for awhile so that my gamertag doesn't become horribly outdated and really show my age to the all the gamers who are actually in the video game demographic that I left in the dust about 4 years ago.

Well, that was another huge waste of your time. I'm sorry. I really am.

How about if I try to end all of these posts with one little nugget of awesomeness, one little pearl of wisdom that will make your time seem a little less wasted? I think that would make me feel a little better about this venture. That's what I'll do. One little pearl of wisdom or nugget of awesomeness to pay you for your time. Its the least I can do.

Get ready, this one is really awesome.

"A man's only as old as the woman he feels." Groucho Marx.

Awesome, huh? By the way, I'm 27 ;)

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  1. 'Did my first post suck?'

    lol, It was certainly better than my first post which more or less consisted of: "My FIRST POST!' and...that was pretty much the gist of it.