Friday, June 25, 2010

Long time no see. So how have you been?

Hey all,

Post number 6 represents the interruption of the silence from me over the past week or so. I had planned to write a nice entry about 5 days ago but my life was turned upside down by one of those things you hear about all the time but never think can happen to you.

I'll be brief because I have a lot to do and not much time to do it but I'll tell you why I've been inattentive to the blog this week.

I spent Fathers Day weekend with my kids and had to return to work on Sunday night. As a Paramedic, I work 12 hour shifts so I left for work around dinner time on Fathers Day. My girlfriend is a Registered Nurse and also works 12 hour shifts and was scheduled on Sunday night as well. We both worked our night shift on Sunday and returned home around 7am on Monday to find our doors hanging open and just about everything we owned except furniture and clothing gone. That's right, we were burglarized in the night while we were doing our jobs and helping people. It was a swift kick to the stomach that still has me reeling. The loss of the items is big. Lots of electronics went missing and what was recovered was broken to the point that it is a total loss. The cowards cost us a lot of money but most of all they cost us the feeling of comfort, security and safety of a home and that is a cost that no insurance policy or shift of overtime can ever replace. Knowing that some filthy bastards were in our home, rummaging through our things and doing their absolute best to steal everything that we work hard to have leaves me disgusted and angry and wishing that there was something I could do to fix it. The fact of the matter is, they will probably never be caught. Our stuff now belongs to someone else and we will never feel the same in our home again. The security system installer is on the way as I type this and I'll be spending my weekend installing motion detector lights but none of those things will make us feel like we are as safe and secure in our home as we were before this happened. The thing that is really scary is that we know that these people were our neighbors or someone who knew our neighbors. They know we work long shifts, they know we are both often away for 13 hours or more at night and someone told them, that day, that we had both left in our uniforms and would be gone all night. Our neighbors, someone who lives next door, or across the street. Someone who says "hi" as they walk by while we're out in the yard. Because of our long shifts we are home a lot so if there were suspicious people or vehicles watching our house we would have noticed. Someone knew how we lived our lives and watched us come and go. Someone studied us and got all of the information they needed to successfully violate our home and take things that belonged to us and not them. We never work the same days or nights so there had to be someone giving information to the perpetrators so they would know when to strike. That is another thing that has been stolen from us, the ability to trust the people we live near and meet in our neighborhood on a daily basis. Maybe our neighbors didn't commit the crime but I have to believe they gave information or help to those who did. If not, the burglars would not have known when to make their move. I'm not condemning all of them because one of our neighbors interrupted the burglars on their way back for another load(unfortunately it was the last load and everything else was already gone) and stopped by to tell the police what he had seen and done the night before when he had called 911 and reported something going on in the neighborhood although he didn't know where. I'm sure its not more than 1 or 2 people that live near us but because of all the things the thieves had to know to make this a successful operation, I have to believe that someone we know and see on a daily basis is probably involved in some way. How sad. We never did anything to them.

I am thankful that we were both at work, my kids were with their mother and our little Chihuahua was spending the night at my girlfriend's mother's house so nothing that really matters was taken or hurt but I have to wonder what might have happened if someone was home and had taken the burglars by surprise. Our neighbor met them between houses as they were returning for the last load of our stuff and he knows that one of them had a gun(luckily he had one too and they were, after all, filthy cowards and ran) so what would have happened if I stopped by to grab something(as I often do) or my girlfriend came home early? Would one of us been shot, killed or hurt in some other way? It makes me sick to think of all the possibilities and makes me thank God that our home was invaded and our things stolen but nothing that really matters was touched.

So there you have it, the reason I've dropped off the grid for the last week or so. I will try to get back to the business of tabletop gaming or fun stuff as soon as I'm able but for now, please try to be understanding and forgiving of long lapses between posts or posts that are short on content or quality. I am busy and distracted and dealing with things I never thought I would have to and its pretty exhausting.

Now, for your pearl of wisdom, that little nugget of awesomeness that's your payment for reading this mess:

"Trust no one." Deep Throat

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its All About the Benjamins

Hey there,

Post #5 is here with a much shorter interval between posts than the last few. Since people seem to be reading this and I'm up to 11 followers I'll do my best(and that's not really that good) to post a little more regularly.

I'd like to thank The Gamer's Lounge for mentioning this blog on Episode 9 and for the link on their Blogroll. It was very, very cool to hear about my blog on a pod cast and hear some excerpts read by the host. As soon as I figure out how to do a little more with the blog mechanics I will be sure and link to their site because their shows are good and they sound invested and passionate about the things they discuss. Since I was always passionate about the things I discussed on the pod cast I can identify with and appreciate that. In the mean time, please follow this link(or copy and paste if the linky thing doesn't work):
and check out what they have to offer. I have some catching up to do but I like what I've heard so far.

I'm still working on getting together with the as yet to be revealed person to record that yet to be revealed podcast but hopefully this weekend will be fruitful and a pod cast(or at least the bit that I'm on) will spring forth. Hopefully, the fruit it will bear will be well received and we can do some more in the future.

Today I'd like to talk about the Games Workshop price increases. I know I'm a little behind the times but this is something I had planned on discussing in another medium but events conspired to prevent that from happening. Besides, it has become painfully clear that GW is not going to lower their prices any time soon.

GW increasing its prices is ridiculous, insulting and a square kick in the crotch to anyone who has supported their game systems and products for any amount of time at all. Didn't they learn anything from the White Dwarf escalating price debacle?

Here's the thing: They don't make things any differently now than they did in the recent past when prices were much lower so how can they justify increasing the prices on the very same items we've seen on the shelf for years? In my opinion they can't. If they made the models drastically different or retooled every model(and book) they've increased the prices on in the last 2 years I would probably be able to understand and more easily accept the price increases. If a brand new model came along, the Valkyrie is an excellent example, they could price it however they chose and people would probably give their pound of flesh to have that sweet new model and the capabilities that came along with it. The problem I have is that they haven't done a damn thing to the models except raise the prices. A Land Raider now costs $62 US Dollars which is $12 or so more than the first one I ever bought and that was not that long ago. Why does it cost so much? They didn't retool the model or add sprues to the box. Hell, they haven't even given us new box art to go along with the new prices. I am a firm believer in the idea that when you pay for a GW model, you not only pay for the art and technology that was involved in the creation of the model, but you pay for the effectiveness of that model when its on the table mixing it up with the opposing army. There is no way in Hell that five Terminators cost anywhere near $50 to take from concept art to finished product, mass produce and ship to the wholesalers but yet we are expected to pay that much for them. Why? Because Terminators are worth a lot of points and are usually a worthwhile monetary and points investment for the general fielding them. We all want those awesome Terminators so we all line up with our $50 in hand to buy them because if we don't, someone else will and we will feel like we cheated ourselves out of the chance to do better or have more fun because we were cheapskates. Land Raiders are the same because they cost a lot of money and a lot of points but they rarely disappoint when you put them on the table and utilize them to their full potential.

I have said before that any hobby that involves competition and has any kind of required equipment or accessory will ultimately be influenced by how much a participant is willing and able to pay to be competitive. I have raced radio controlled cars, played tournament level paintball and now pit myself against my fellow man(and occassional woman) in the war torn universe of the 41st century. Not single time in a single one of those hobbies have I thought "If I only would have gone with the cheaper(insert expensive toy here) I would have done so much better and had so much more fun." Let's face it, I could buy 2 Assault on Black Reach sets and have 2 nearly 1000 point armies that, with a few exceptions, could be fielded within their respective Force Organization Charts and technically be playable. But, and this is a big but, would those armies be competitive against another 1000 point army of any type that was not built on a budget but was assembled with the effectiveness and capabilities of each and every unit in mind? This is the difference between building an army to meet a points threshold and building an army to kick other armies asses. I CAN build 1000 points of Space Marines for less than $90 but I can guarantee that it would not be as effective as 1000 points of Space Marines(or any army really) that were hand picked and assembled with the attitude that money is no object and winning is everything. It sucks but the cold hard truth of the matter is that the guy with the most money will have an advantage over almost anyone he plays that does not have as much money to spend. How does this affect the game? It affects it by creating different classes of gamers based on their financial capabilities instead of being based on their gaming capabilities. Could Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France on an $89 Wal Mart bike when all of his competition was using equipment that cost 100 times as much? Not a chance for poor Lance.(Ha!I'm a poet and I don't even know it.). Its the same thing when applied to tabletop gaming although admittedly to a much lesser degree. A brilliant or lucky general whose dice are on his side could concievably win with a budget army but it if he was playing a similarly skilled opponent with a "money is no object" army, that would happen very rarely. The points system we use, in combination with the Force Organization chart is designed to provide a level playing field for all who care to step up to the table with their army but the reality of the game is that meeting a points threshold and having an effective army do not always go hand in hand. Some will say this is a cop out and a good player would overcome the hardship of a cheap army to persevere no matter what the situation but I think you all know in your hearts that what I'm saying is at least a little bit true.

Another side of this argument is that since we all have to pay the same for the same models, its all fair in the long run. That is true to some extent but I think my side of the argument holds up because there are so many choices and so many different ways to fill each army's FOC that you can build a cheap army and get to "X" amount of points but it will be less effective in many aspects than an expensive army at that same points cost.

I'm going to wrap this up with a final thought because its already gone on far too long. Games Workshop needs new players. They need fresh blood to not only take the place of those who have moved on but to invigorate and reenergize the ones who have been around awhile. Tabletop gaming is, for the most part, an expensive hobby and with the new price increases is getting more expensive every few months. They have to realize that by making things more and more expensive all the time, they are pricing the hobby out of the reach of most people. Its very hard to get new people into the game in the first place because of the stigma that is sometimes attached to it and now its becoming even harder because of two things: 1. Its extremely expensive to get started in this hobby in a meaningful way. 2. If someone tries to dip their toes in the hobby by going as cheap as they possibly can they will have very little fun and a lot of frustration because the money they spent will not buy them an effective and competitive army that will allow them to feel the thrill of victory that we all crave and become addicted to.

If Games Workshop wants to get rich(er), raising prices is not the way to go about it.

And now, your payment for reading alll the way to the end of this mess:

"There's one way to find out if a man is honest - ask him. If he says, "Yes," you know he is a crook." - Groucho Marx


Monday, June 14, 2010

Sick of bugs for the moment. What do I do now?

Hey there,

Post #4. Its been a week since my last entry so I hope you are well and have recovered nicely from my previous attempts to entertain you. If you're still here for post #4 I'm glad you stuck around. If this is your first visit, feel free to have a look at the previous three but don't get your hopes up. I love to see comments because I don't really know if anyone is bothering to read this thing unless they comment on it. If you take the time to read it, please take another moment to write a few words about the blog entry or just to say "Hi". If you find it even mildly interesting, entertaining or just so horrible that you need to share it with someone else, please pass along the address to those you know and love(or hate).

This time I'm going to try and do my best to keep this on topic and in line with the title of the entry. Hopefully I won't stray too far off course or miss the target completely and leave you wondering what the Hell I was thinking when I decided on the title.

Things have been pretty interesting in the last week or so in regards to my future in the infotainment segment of tabletop gaming. I had some interesting phone calls and text messages that were exciting and a little disappointing.

The phone calls started out looking pretty promising and then the tone changed to a decidedly "don't call us, we'll call you." feeling and I was a bit disappointed with the turn of events. I can't say what it was all about because its not my project and I was entrusted with some information that I promised not to share. I would give it away if it was mine but its not, so I can't.

I got an offer to take part in a pod cast recording and that was pretty exciting but the weekend turned out to be crazy busy for me and bad timing for the guy running the show so we took a rain check on that. If we get together to record it, I'm sure it will be fun and I'm excited at the prospect. I can't say if this will be any more than a single engagement but everything begins somewhere so who knows where it may lead if they like me, I like them and the listeners like us together.

So, that leaves me with one thing looking not so good, one thing that is waiting to happen that might be good and so many things I may be interested in doing as far my future in the tabletop gaming media goes. Of course, I have this train wreck of a blog but I don't really think that it counts as much because a lot of it is my incessant blathering on about whatever is on my mind and not a lot of it is about what most people think I should probably be doing with this type of outlet. What do you all think, should I let this blog evolve into a strictly tabletop gaming blog, create a new one to cover gaming, leave it as is with a little bit about me and a little bit about gaming or just call the whole damn thing off because its really not worth the bandwidth it occupies? Comments would be sincerely appreciated.

Now, on to the stuff that has something to do with the title of this post: I am REALLY sick of bugs. Sick of building them and painting them and looking at them. I built so many frickin' bugs that just hearing the word "Tyranid" hurls me into bottomless chasm of despair. I just can't even think about them right now. I still love the bugs as an army, I just can't stand the thought of building more of them and (sadly) I still have more to build. So, what does a hobbyist do when he can't stand the thing he's been doing for so long? He either steps away completely or finds something else to occupy his hands and mind for a bit.

Malifaux is an option. I've built all of my Arcanists and just need to base and paint them. That's not too many models so I should probably do that first. I think that will be my first project. I'll get them based and primed this week and see where it leads me.

Firestorm Armada....I have a Terran starter fleet, a carrier and a box of escorts to build and paint. They are not currently in my possession but I think I'll probably be getting them back in a week or two so that will be a nice project to occupy me. I'm not sure which color scheme I'm going to use for that fleet so I'll spend some time scouring the web for pictures of different amazingly painted fleets that I will never, ever, in a million years be able to reproduce. I have an offer from someone with a couple fleets to try a game or two out so I may do that in the mean time.

I'd like to do a little something with WH40k but the bugs are out and I don't want to start a new army. Here's something I've been thinking of since the Battle Missions book dropped: Building both of the Assault on Black Reach armies and using them strictly for battle missions. I do still have one AOBR box set in the shrink wrap and I never did build any of the AOBR Orks so it would be a nice change after building so many bugs over such a long time. Perhaps I'll even paint the Orks up right and proppa' and do the Space Marines up in Ultramarine colors so Maldus will know I still love him even though I'm no longer on the Freeboota forums. I've been a huge fan of the AOBR set since it arrived on the scene and I think it would be great to use that set and the Battle Missions book as the ultimate beer and pretzels WH40K game. Nobody needs to bring an army because they are both at my place. You can play both sides of the mission with the same army and then switch armies and play both sides again, essentially getting 4 games out of whatever mission you choose. Of course, some of the missions won't be possible with the number of points and unit configurations available in the AOBR box but with a little tweaking here and there and some....umm....adjustments made to the battle missions scenarios I think it could be a huge amount of fun with very little time commitment. I also think it would be pretty damn cool to have the whole AOBR set painted to look just like they do on the box and on display for anyone who comes to the house and dares to ask the question "What the Hell is up with the toy soldiers?".

Speaking of bugs: The reason I got the idea to use the AOBR set for the battle missions is that I played Kill Team against Scott's IG army and got my ass shot to pieces long before I made a dent in his line. Look at the kill team rules and you'll see that the Tyranid army is pretty much impossible to field against and army that has ANY kind of shooting capabilities at all. Synapse kills you because you can't take a model with synapse that has a low enough number of wounds or is not an HQ or independent character. Since all the stuff that shoots needs synapse or has multiple wounds, the only thing you can field(at least from my available models) are Genestealers. While 200 points of 'Stealers looks pretty good on paper, trying to get them across the table to engage a shooty army in close combat is nigh impossible. When we were making lists and setting up all I could think of was how much I was going to crush those IG guys with with my wicked Genestealers but when Scott started shooting I realized that I had severely overestimated my ability to get to him and severely underestimated his ability to shoot the living shit out of me while I was trying to do so. The game went pretty badly for me and I realized that kill team was a game designed for armies that could shoot and deal some punishment in close combat. That led me to think that I needed some Space Marines and that led me to think that I really didn't want to buy more Space Marines and THAT led me to think that I had about 600 points of Space Marines in a box in my attic just waiting to be unwrapped, built and painted. That finally led me to the idea that if I built the AOBR Orks and the Space Marines I could play quite a few of the battle missions and kill team without buying one more model and be able to offer an army to anyone that stopped by and wanted to play a quick game.

So that's where I'm at. If time permits and the summer weather doesn't keep pulling me away from indoor hobbies I will definitely get some stuff done this week. Definitely.

Now, as I promised, your payment for reading this whole awful mess of a blog is that one little bit of awesomeness, that one pearl of wisdom that makes it all worth it:

"Remember; no matter where you go, there you are."- Buckaroo Banzai

Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's talk about little army men.

Hey there,

Still here for post #3? I'm starting to believe you may be masochists. Since A lot(read ALL) of you are probably reading this blog because you know me from my time on 40k Radio I figured I would take a little bit of time and drop a few lines about the game I used to talk about on the podcast.

So...where to begin? Lets talk about the things I've done since I chose to leave 40k Radio...Wait, what's that you say? I was FIRED from 40k Radio? I didn't leave of my own free will after weighing all the options and deciding what would be best for me and what would ultimately make me the happiest? Fired you say? I don't think so. Here's the thing about the internet(and its a lot like CNN): If the truth isn't interesting enough, people just make shit up. Here is the long and the short of it: There were creative and managerial differences between the hosts that led people to say stuff that other people reacted to. Those reactions led to more reactions from people who said stuff and more stuff was said and reacted to. In the end, like many fruitful but difficult relationships, the hosts of 40k Radio decided to part ways after they determined that there was really no way that they could all be happy with the compromises and demands that they were all making. I've been through a divorce and the way this all went down was as close to a 1/8th scale model of a strained marriage and a divorce as you could possibly create. There were problems at 40k Radio that we all knew existed and we all chose to ignore for as long as we could and still function. Then one thing happened and that opened Pandora's box and let out all the chaos that had been neatly contained by us choosing to ignore it. This stuff happens ALL the time when you have a number of creative, talented and passionate people that are all working to try and make something great. How many fantastic rock bands have split up over seemingly stupid issues? Plenty. Do you really think that the one thing that the press release pointed to was the ONLY issue that led to the band's break up? No, you don't because you are an intelligent and enlightened person(you must be to be reading this particular blog) and you know that there was a Hell of a lot more to the story than what was said. That's why VH1 makes so damn many "Behind the Music" episodes and everybody watches them even when they're about bands that sucked. And now you think I should get to the point and or spill the beans. Here's the point with no bean spillage: Each of the 3 primary hosts of 40k Radio had issues with how at least one of the other hosts was handling their end of things. Those issues came to light and that was an opportunity to either start down the road to repairing the issues and making a better show or calling it "quits" and walking away. It became clear to me that I would never get the things I needed to make me satisfied enough so that the sacrifices required would be worth staying on the show. So I called it quits and so did Scott for his own reasons. Not because we necessarily wanted to but because we HAD to. Some would say Scott and I took the coward's way out by not staying and trying to work things out but I am a person who chooses his battles carefully and I knew this was one that would not end favorably for anyone involved. In the words of Kenny Rogers: "You've got know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em....blah blah blah more country gibberish". But anyway, this was a situation in which an amicable solution could not and would not be reached. Am I happy that I'm not on 40k Radio anymore? Not really. Am I relieved that the stress that came along with 40k Radio has ended for the most part? Absolutely. Do I miss being on the radio and interacting with the community in the ways that 40k Radio allowed me to? Damn right I do. Am I confused and upset that 40k Radio appears to have come to an end and is up for sale lock, stock and barrel? Damn right I am. I think its horrible that the situation for Spencer became such that he was not able to continue. When I left I fully expected 40k Radio to continue on and maybe be better than ever in whatever form it took when Spencer took control and willed that new iteration into existence. It appears, for now at least, that it was not meant to be. I sincerely hope 40k Radio lives on in some way, shape or form because I was a part of it and it is a part of me and I don't want to see it disappear. There you go, that's all you're going to get out of me about it. Please believe me when I say that what you've read here is, by and large, the whole story. I know, I know, there are very few details and details are what everyone wants but I'm not going to air the dirty laundry any more than it has been already. A friendship was damaged during this and I sincerely hope to repair that friendship sooner rather than later. Airing dirty laundry and telling my side of the story would not endear me as a friend to anyone as I would not want to be friends with anyone who did the same to me. We all want to look at the car crash as we drive by to see the blood or dead bodies but remember(and I know because I've been to thousands during my career) those bleeding people and dead bodies are real people who have real families waiting for them to come home to them that night. Each and every one of them is someone's everything and that someone's life may never be the same after the moment you are craning your neck to see passes by. The point of all that is this: Keep the car wreck victim analogy in mind and understand that the blood and gory details of the 40k Radio drama won't do anything to further the narrative, they will only temporarily satisfy your morbid curiosity and leave you feeling a little nauseas and disappointed in yourself later on. 40k Radio was a great thing and its sad that its over(maybe) but the explicit details of how it ended won't do anything to make its end more understandable or satisfying to anyone who really cares about it for the right reasons.

Oops. I did it again. I title the blog and then go off in some crazy direction that leaves you wondering why I titled it as I did. I've done that in all 3 posts now and I'm not going to apologize. I put the title down first because its sort of my "goal" for the post. If I was really keeping my eye on the prize and aiming towards making the post appropriate for the title, these things would be short, informative and to the point. If you're looking for that, perhaps this is not the blog for you. I really didn't want to talk about 40k Radio. Really. But, its been on my mind and this blog would not exist if I was still on the radio show. So I guess I felt like I owed it to the blog, its readers and myself to tell the story(without any gory details) in the most neutral and responsible way that I could come up with. I hope I didn't fail at that but I'm sure the folks with the insatiable morbid curiosities will think I'm a tease and say all kinds of mean things about me in the comments here or on their blogs. I'm not going to apologize.

Now let's talk about little army men.

Anyone who listened to the show knows I'm a former Tau player(excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little), a Blood Angels player and now a Tyranid player. I built the Tyranids out of desperation because I was invited to play in and cover the Battlefoam Wild West Shootout last year and had no painted army to play. Marines take too frickin' long to paint well and I had way too much invested in my Blood Angels to just slap 3 colors on them and call them "good enough" so I needed an army that I could build and paint fast. I considered Necrons but their codex was just too old for them to be competitive under the command of an unseasoned general. I had lost plenty of games to Tyranids and knew that they could be very competitive and were fairly quick to build and paint so I decided I would go with them. I went from shrink wrap to 2000 points of painted 'Nids in about 3-4 weeks with all the painting being done in just under 3 full days. The Wednesday before I left for the Shootout I painted for no less than 14 hours straight at work(thank goodness for a scheduling screw-up and a slow night) and had them all done by the time I was ready to pack my luggage. It was not enjoyable or artistic but it was done and it was a great sense of accomplishment. They don't look all that bad, either. I read the codex on the plane to Phoenix(really) and played my first game with the Tyranids when I took them out of the box at the Shootout. Once I got the hang of playing them I really became hooked and decided that they would be my primary army with the Blood Angels being my fun army and my painting skill exhibition army. Then the Tyranids got a new codex and I realized just how many new models I would need to be satisfied with my lists. The Blood Angels started to look like they might be ebay bound because I did not have the time or money to do two armies the way they needed to be done. Then the Blood Angels' new codex was confirmed and their fate was sealed. I had to get rid of them. HAD TO. If I didn't I would have been supporting two armies with brand new rules and new models and I knew I couldn't financially or physically support that with the limited time and money I had. It only took me about 2 weeks to get rid of all my Blood Angels and less time than that to replace them all with boxes and boxes of new Tyranids. The new Tyranid models are so impressive. They look great and are fairly easy to build with well-fitting parts. I keep going from love to hate and back to love with the new codex. It has some fantastic stuff in it but some horrible stuff as well. All in all I will give Games Workshop credit that they created a balanced and competitive set of rules for the army that can be played in a variety of ways to suit your play style or mood. I love all the new flying stuff but hate that you have to spend so damn much to give your gargoyles support and make your bigger flying models look good. Who in the Hell would give a gargoyle Lurk as an instinctive behavior? They are forcing you to have either shitty looking wings on your Warriors and Tyrants or spend oodles and oodles on Forgeworld goodies to make a flying list come together and look good as well. I do love my flying list, though. It reminds me of my jump packed Blood Angels and the fun I used to have with them. I'm still not done building all my new 'Nids and don't hold your breath to see them all painted because you'll be mightly blue and feeling lightheaded before that comes around.

Speaking of Blood Angels...after I got a peek at the new Codex I was pretty happy I had sold all mine off before that thing came out. Its amazing that I could love a 28 page free pdf codex so much and hate the full meal deal printed and bound codex so much. With a few exceptions I just do not like the new BA codex. Some of the new Dreadnought stuff is cool and a couple of the HQ choices are pretty sweet(although prohibitively costly for a small list) but I just didn't like the way the new codex felt. I wish I could site something more tangible but I can't. Maybe if they dropped a few of the cool units in the book or at least some upgrade sprues along with other new stuff I would have been happy but it seems to me like they put a lot of great things in the codex that weren't supported with actual models. I really, really hate being told that I can play a unit but I can't BUY the unit. Scratch building and proxy models are not my thing so if its not in a box, I'm not playing it and I think that's inexcusable. GW knew the codex was in the works long before we did so why didn't they make a couple new 'dreads and the Stormraven so that the new models that were released along with the codex weren't mostly just updates of old stuff we've had for years?

Whew. I've gone on for quite a bit longer than I'd anticipated so I'm sure fatigue and exhaustion made that last bit suck a lot more than the earlier bits. Not that the earlier bits didn't suck, the last part just sucks more.

Remember in post #2 where I said I'd pay you for your time with some awesome thing or pearl of wisdom? Me too. Here it is:

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
Groucho Marx

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why mrfurious360?

Hey there,

If you've stuck with me until post #2 of this venture I applaud your tenacity and strong stomach. Did my first post suck? I think it did. Lots of run-on sentences, disjointed thoughts and general chaos. Here's the thing(did you catch it? I AM fucking brilliant, aren't I?) about me and writing stuff: I love to create. I love to write. I love to sit at a keyboard and write and write and write. But, and this is an enormous problem, I absolutely hate to edit what I wrote. If the spell checker catches it, I'll fix it, if the grammar is a mess you're just going to have to deal with it because I rarely spend much time rereading the things I wrote. Why? Because while I'm in that creative writing mode I really think I'm doing well but when I go back and have a look at it I think it's such a tragic mess that I have no interest in sharing it with anyone and want to just delete the whole mess. Because of that, I just write stuff, glance over it quickly to make sure what I thought I was writing is actually there and then post it or save it and never look back. Its the only way I can manage to get anything actually produced. Its a damn good thing I don't get paid for the stuff I do because the piss poor quality control would definitely leave me poor and unemployed. My girlfriend is really smart(and beautiful) and she likes to read the stuff I wrote. She is a brilliant editor but my self esteem is far too fragile for her to actually break out the red pen and tell me all the shit I did wrong. So she just reads it and smiles at all the right parts, looks thoughtful at all the right parts and gives me a little pat on the head while she thinks to herself "My poor, poor grammaticaly impaired boyfriend. If you only knew how much better this could be if you would let me help."

Holy off-topic derailment Batman! The title of this post is "Why mrfurious360?" and here we are, hundreds of words in with no mention of it. Am I building suspense? Being coy? Playing hard to get? None of the above, folks. I just do that.... a lot. Let's get this mess back on track.

Why Well, I created a blog with another name but I thought it was a little too easily identifiable as me and I didn't feel all that comfortable with it(read post #1 for my issues with that). So I reverted to my favorite online name Mr. Furious and tried to create a blog with that in the address. Of course, some other person had already claimed that awesome name for themselves and I had to add the 360 to make it my own. So who is Mr. Furious and what the Hell does the 360 mean? Both excellent questions and I'm sure I'll answer them in a less than excellent way.

Mr. Furious is my favorite character from the movie Mystery Men . Its a fantastic but quirky super hero movie from the '90's. Ben Stiller plays Mr. Furious and his super power is his unbridled rage. Here's the thing, though, he has no super powers and really is sort of a dork who just gets really mad and spits and yells a lot. He hides his insecurities and low self-esteem behind his rage. He's really sort of a tragic character and while he's funny, he's sad too. I used to be a lot like Mr. Furious and really identified with him. I'm still a dork but I just don't have the rage issues that I used to. Its amazing how life can beat the piss out of you for awhile and really break you down but then one day you get a chance to start over and see things with a new set of eyes and realize all the things you've been missing. Having your life torn out from under you is about as close to dying as you can probably get without actually floating towards the light. Realizing that you survived and you can do all those things you never did and experience things in a different way is like being born and starting again with a clean slate. The beautiful thing is that you've got the perspective and wonder of a child but all the experiences and knowledge of the years that have passed to keep you from making the same mistakes over again. Well, not all the mistakes, some of them are just too good to not make again. Two years ago I was sure I wouldn't(or didn't want to) survive but now I wouldn't change a thing. So, Mr. Furious is a cool character from a comic book/movie and while I still love him, I don't really identify with him like I used to. But, old habits die hard and I have about 1000 e-mail addresses with some sort of mrfurious in them so I figured there was no need to mess with a proven formula.

Now, about the 360.... When I was creating my XBOX Live profile I wanted to use Mr. Furious in there somehow and because all the cool Mr. Furious names were already taken I added 360 and it was actually available so I snatched it before some other rage-prone dork got it. Hopefully the XBOX 360 will be around for awhile so that my gamertag doesn't become horribly outdated and really show my age to the all the gamers who are actually in the video game demographic that I left in the dust about 4 years ago.

Well, that was another huge waste of your time. I'm sorry. I really am.

How about if I try to end all of these posts with one little nugget of awesomeness, one little pearl of wisdom that will make your time seem a little less wasted? I think that would make me feel a little better about this venture. That's what I'll do. One little pearl of wisdom or nugget of awesomeness to pay you for your time. Its the least I can do.

Get ready, this one is really awesome.

"A man's only as old as the woman he feels." Groucho Marx.

Awesome, huh? By the way, I'm 27 ;)

So I'm a blogger now. I think.....

Welcome to my blog. If you found your way here through some sort of connection to tabletop gaming I'm very glad that you've found me. If you've found my blog by some other random connection to me or my life then I'm glad you're here. If I owe you money, this is not the Chris Chipley you're looking for.

Let's start by discussing the name of my blog. "So Here's the Thing....." is a bit of an awkward name for a blog but I think its rather fitting because it's something I say quite often. You see, I'm rather prone to ranting and raving and talking at length about almost anything that I can be passionate about. If you know me or have listened to me on the pod cast I was a part of you know that I can rant and rave and be passionate about almost anything. When I'm preparing for my rants I listen very closely to the person speaking and then formulate my thoughts and almost invariably begin by saying; "So here's the thing....." or its slightly shorter cousin; "Here's the thing....". Since that is the segue to most of my passionate outpourings I thought that would be a nifty name for the blog that will probably contain a lot of rants and raves and passionate outpourings.

Here's the thing about my blog(see, its looking like a good choice already): This blog will be sporadic at best and downright neglected at worst. I may post like crazy for a week and then not even stop by to dust off the keyboard and say "hi" for weeks. I may write 1000 words some random afternoon and then drop by with nothing more than "Wow, what a shitty day." on some other occassion. If you are looking for commitment, I suggest you look elsewhere. Or get a puppy. Puppies are nice and they love you all the time and rarely let you forget about them for more than a day or so. If blogs were like puppies I would probably take much better care of the blog because it would beg to be fed and played with and have its poop scooped and all those things that cute little puppies do to make you love them and think they're a pain in the ass all at the same time. Blogs, on the other hand, just sit there on the internet waiting for you to do something with them. I'm sure there is some limit to their patience(or that of the nice folks who provide this space for free) so if you let your blog go without a pat on the head and a bowl of food for too long, it will probably be moved to some dungeonlike archive section never to be seen again. What the Hell is my point? My point is that if you want to read a blog that's treated like a cute puppy, you've come to the wrong place. If you want to read a blog that may be mildly entertaining or occassionally enlightening but not at all dependable in the areas of regular updates and consistent material, then this may be just the blog you're looking for.

You have been warned!

What kind of things can you expect me to discuss in this blog? That's a damn good question. I will probably talk about tabletop gaming, paintball, motorcycles, movies, music, books. popular culture and maybe a little bit of my personal life. I know, I know. Blogs are supposed to be little windows into the minds and lives of the bloggers so that they can vent all of their frustrations and tell everyone how great and or horrible their life is on that particular day. Here's the thing, though(See how that works? I'm fucking brilliant, aren't I?), I'm sort of a private person. That may seem a little crazy coming from a person who spent 15 months of his life on a weekly, or bi-weekly or whenever the Hell it got recorded pod cast that he spent quite a bit of time talking about his personal life on but its true. I don't really like people in my business. When I'm home I want to be home. Home is a safe and quiet place where I recharge and refresh and get my shit together so I can go out and do it all again the next day. If I get too personal on my blog, my business is everyone's business and that really doesn't sound that good to me. I may have my moments where I spill my guts and wear my heart on my sleeve for the world to see but I'll also have those times where I grab my life and scream "MINE!" as I run off to some place that I can be alone with my life and the important things in it. If you want intimacy and complete life regurgitation from a blogger you are also in the wrong place.

Once again, you have been warned!

This blog was created mostly because I really enjoyed being on 40K Radio because it gave me an outlet. Its cool to know that there are people out there who are interested in what I think and have to say about stuff. I miss talking to those people. Don't get me wrong, I know there are plenty of you that think I'm an idiot or an asshole. But quite possibly there are a few out there who think I'm the most amazing person on Earth right now. I think that most people pretty much see me for what I am because I rarely try to be anything that I'm not. I try to be honest and only talk about stuff that I know about. Talking mostly about stuff I know about really saves me a lot of being informed that I'm full of shit or completely wrong. I've been out on that talking about stuff I don't know about limb quite a few times in my life and although the view is spectacular, waiting for the fall after that limb snaps can be excruciating. I've learned to stick the the stuff I know or learn about the stuff I don't know about before I open my big stupid mouth about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this mess. I sure as Hell hope this blogging thing gets easier as I go because I'm pretty sure this sucks.

I will leave you with one valuable thing that I read recently and then I won't have to feel guilty about you spending your time reading this and realizing afterwards that you could have been doing something so much better with your time and hating me just a little for leaving this trail of Reese's Pieces that led you away from that so much better thing. Anyway, here's that valuable bit I mentioned quite a few words ago:

"Experience is the cruelest teacher. She gives the test before she gives the lesson."

Is that frickin' great, or what?